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Ship & Ocean Projects
We have drawn on our more than 80 years of experience to build a diverse range of advanced ships.
Logistic Systems
We integrate total logistic systems from intake to storage, shipping out and supply utilizing advanced technology
Construction of Social Infastructure
Our technology in the area of bridges and construction steel frameworks is making a major contribution to infrastructure development and the creation of pleasant cities.
Energy Systems
We have created many advanced energy systems matched to the newly emerging needs of the age.
Advanced Machinery Systems
We have achieved advanced integration of our wide range of cutting edge technologies based on the know-how we have accumulated through numerous operations.
Plant Construction
We have built well over 1,300 outstanding plants in over 40 countries worldwide.
Environment & Recycling
We build many advanced waste treatment facilities in harmony with the surrounding environment.Waste treatment systems, water treatment system, exhaust (flue) gas treatment systems, soil remediation, etc.
IT-Related Activities
We have developed numerous total package systems and maintenance service systems utilizing cutting edge multimedia and networking technology.
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