Diesel Generating Plant

General Outline

We are  establishing infrastructure in various places of the world such as in Guam, Malaysia, Greece etc.

Barge Mounted Power Plant for Philippines
Barge Mounted Power Plant for Philippines

Diesel Power Plant for Macau
Diesel Power Plant for Macau

The diesel generating plant of MES is composed of MAN B&W slow-speed diesel engine, which has proved reliable performance as marine propulsion engine for many years.
The engine is now suitably adjusted for the electricity generating purpose, and MES, as a senior licensee of MAN B&W, has been delivering many sets of this generating plant all over the world.
MES is contributing to the replenishment of infrastructure through the supply of diesel generating plants.

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features
  • High heat recovery rate
  • High Reliability
  • Adaptable to Orimulsion and heavy crude oil
Delivery Records

Barge Mounted Power Plants for Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Power Plants
on land totaling 25 plants with total output of 806MW.

Please contact:

Diesel Engine Sales Dept., Machinery & Systems Hq.