Steam Turbine Generating System

General Outline

We supply steam turbine generating plant of high efficiency to achieve stable power supply friendly the  earth.

Steam Turbine Generating System
Steam Turbine Generating System

MES, since 1963 manufactured over 300 steam turbines for marine, on-land power generation and for mechanical drives, which has lead MES a leading turbine manufacturer in Japan in the field of industrial use.
MES turbines since 1995 are designed and manufactured under the license agreement between Alstom Power, a global all-round heavy industry based in France. Lines of MES products, which are compact and arranged in series are adaptable to various request of users and are appreciated for their high performance and reliability.

In order to meet the contemporary need for an efficient use of energy and resource as well as for a global environmental preservation of today, MES, as a synthetic engineering company in such new frontier business, is now engaging in turn-key generating projects such as co-generation, combined cycle system based on its engineering expertise and hardware technologies of gas turbines and boilers.

Main Features & Delivery Records

  • Design and Manufacturing under the license agreement with Alstom,
  • Impulse type turbine with higher efficiency
  • Wide adaptation to versatile requests out of the standardized constructions:
  • Adaptable to various steam conditions such as: Condensing, Back Pressure, Extraction Condensing, Extraction Back Pressure, Admission Condensing and Admission Back Pressure.
Output RPM
High Speed Two Shaft Type
(TM2 Series: Axial Flow Exhaust, High Efficiency Type)
2MW - 60MW Below19,000rpm
Single Shaft, Direct Connection 30MW - 150MW 3,000rpm or 3,600rpm
Single Shaft, Speed Reduction Type 25MW - 50MW Below 12,000rpm

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