Floating Piers and Pontoons

General Outline

Training of overhauling/assembly of main engine parts and remote control/governor/main engine operation can be achieved.

Chain Mooring Type (Miyaura Port Floating Pier)
Chain Mooring Type (Miyaura Port Floating Pier)

Pile Mooring Type (Urashiro Port Floating Pier)
Pile Mooring Type
(Urashiro Port Floating Pier)

Floating piers and pontoons are mainly used as mooring facility in commercial port, fishing port and in river. Piers and pontoons are moored by either chain or pile. They are of PC hybrid construction, i.e. inside construction is made by steel frame and outside is made by pre-stressed concrete.

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features
  • Easy unloading of cargoes
  • High water-tightness by hybrid construction of PC concrete and steel
  • Resistant to sea water corrosion and no maintenance is required
Delivery Records
Bouze Fishery Port Floating Pier for Hyogo Pref 130m
Hakata Bayside Floating Pier for Fukuoka Pref 120m
Miyaura Port Pier for Ehime Pref. 120m
Nagoya Fishery Port Floating Mooring Wharf for Saga Pref 110m

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