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Ship Navigation Support Service to promote Safety voyage and FuelOil Saving

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MES has already been offering to the shipping circle various system to support ship management including e-GICSR (which is to diagnose marine engine on the internet), Comprehensive Ship-Land LAN System (which is to share same operating information of ship with ship and land) etc.
Sharing and communicating information with ship and land will be much intensified in line with the speed-up and price-reduction of internet at sea. Under these circumstances, MES started an information supply system service to help realize comprehensive ship management between land-and-sea by opening portal site as a comprehensive receiver of information while openly inviting as much participants as possible for system supply.

Eco Navigation Support Service <PDF/553KB>

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features

The Portal Site intends to offer customers one stop service as a comprehensive information supply
source relating to ship management and openly asks system suppliers for participation.
In addition, MES is ready to develop and supply many other communication infrastructure and operation
support service in view of creation of new service under the marine broadband environment.

More detailed information; Maritime-SOL Home Page

Delivery Records

PCC, Container Carrier, Passenger Boat, Bulk Carrier and other commercial ship

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