Ship Handing Simulator

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Large size patrol boat to the Japan Coast Guard to defend Japanese sea area.

Ship Handling Simulator
Ship Handling Simulator

Demand for Ship Handling Simulator is increasing year by year with the movement for legislation in line with the world tendency to adopt simulator education. To meet such social demand, MES developed handling simulator and merchandized "Small Ship Handling Simulator", "Radar ARPA Simulator with Visual Display", etc.
The Ship Handling Simulator is a training ship (motor boat) handling simulator for 4th grade small ship operator, using computer graphic image on 3 CRT monitors.
Radar ARPA Simulator with Visual Display is the real image training system equipped with the radar indicator and maneuvering console actually used for ship under the circumstance of image view on 3 CRT or PDP monitors by computer graphic.

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features
Delivery Records
Small Ship Handling Simulator
Radar ARPA Simulator with Visual Display
Visual Display Equipment (under construction)

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