Ballast water management systems

General Outline

FineBallastROZ (Special Pipe Hybrid Ballast Water Management System Combined with Ozone Treatment Version) obtained Type Approval Certificate from the Japanese Administration on June 6, 2011.

FineBallastR OZ(in case of highly- modularized option)
FineBallastR OZ(in case of highly- modularized option)

FineBallastR OZ Catalog
FineBallastR OZ Catalog

Detail of the system can be seen in catalog below.
Issuance of the Type Approval Certificate will be informed to IMO at MEPC 63 in accordance with resolution MEPC.175 (58) “Information reporting on type approved ballast water management systems”.

Supplemental information is reported as follows:
1. Recommendations by GESAMP-BWWG (MEPC 61/2/15, Annex 6) and results of corresponding measures(PDF/184KB)
2. Results of land-based tests and procedures used (including results of ecotoxicological tests)(PDF/153KB)
3. Results of shipboard tests and procedures used(PDF/131KB)
4. Improvement of Waste Ozone Destruction Unit (WODU)(PDF/124KB)
5. Addition of Ozone injection method(PDF/140KB)

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