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1917 Established as the Shipbuilding Division of Former Mitsui & Co. in Tamano City (Presently), Okayama Pref.
1926 Entered the technical licensing agreement with Burmeister & Wain A/S of Denmark for marine diesel engine production.
1937 Separated from Former Mitsui & Co. to become Tama Shipyard Co., Ltd.
1940 Completed chemical plant factory.
1942 Changed company name to Mitsui Shipbuilding & Engineering Co., Ltd.
1952 Moved head office functions to Tokyo.
Organized the department for research and development at Tamano Shipyard.
1961 Launched the world's first large-size automated vessel, "Kinkasan Maru".
Entered the technical licensing agreement with PACECO., Inc. concerning the PACECO type container cranes.
1962 Chiba Works commenced operation.
Concluded an export contract for a sulfuric acid production plant for Taiwan, as the company's first export contract in the chemical field.
1966 Exported the first Japanese-made hovercraft to Thailand.
Completed the world's largest capacity axial flow blower for the blast furnace for Nippon Kokan. (Presenty “JFE Steel Corporation”)
1967 Completed Japan's first shore-side container crane.
Opened Chiba Laboratory at Chiba Works.
1968 Completed the 500,000 dwt building dock at Chiba Works.
Completed an 8,000 kW capacity gas turbine for land use for export to East Pakistan, as the first of its kind built by the company.
1971 Completed the “Mitsuminesan Maru”, super automated tanker.
1973 Ship repair yard, The Yura Dockyard, commenced operation.
Completed the 300-ton/day capacity sludge incinerating plant, the largest of its kind in the Orient, for the Tokyo Metropolitan government.
1975 Built the “Berge Emperor”, a 400,000 dwt class oil tanker, the largest of its kind ever built by the company.
1976 Changed company name in English to Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
Achieved an aggregated total of 10 million bhp in the Mitsui-B&W diesel engine production.
1979 Opened the Akishima Laboratory.
1981 Oita Works commenced operation.
1984 Completed the 125,000m3 LNG carrier "Senshu Maru".
1987 Built “Polyconfidence”, the world's largest floating hotel at sea.
1988 Acquired PACECO's crane trading rights, shares.
1990 Bought out Burmeister & Wain Scandinavian Contractor A/S, a power generation engineering firm of Denmark.
1993 Completed the most advanced steel structure plant, one of the largest in the industry, at Oita Works.
1995 Completed 10,000m-class deep sea unmanned ROV “Kaiko”.
1996 Received the first order for a high-power light-weight compact ADD diesel engine, intended to serve as main generator engine for a large oceanographic vessel of the Maritime Safety Agency.
1999 Changed the former Yura Dockyard into a subsidiary company, MES Yura Inc.
2002 Launched deep-sea scientific riser drilling vessel "CHIKYU" for Japan Marine Science and Technology Center.
Completed MES's first membrane type LNG carrier with the loading capacity of 147,100m3.
2003 Established Niigata Shipbuilding & Repair, Inc., buying out shipbuilding related business from Niigata Engineering Co. Ltd.
MODEC Inc. listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market for the first time as a subsidiary company of MES.
2004 Bought out DPS Bridge Works Co.,Ltd. for reinforcement of steel structure and construction business.
Established new company philosophy , management policy and standards of conduct.
Accomplished accumulated shipment of 200 sets quay side container crane “PORTAINER”.
2006 Completed installation of 1000-ton goliath crane at Chiba Shipyard.
2007 Completed Technology Succession Centers in Tamano Works and Chiba Works.
Operated Safety Training Center in Tamano Works.
Completed world largest class ore careeier 320,000DWT "BRASIL MARU" .
2008 Achieved accumulated production of 700 units in PC hybrid pontoon.
2009 Accumulated Orders of Reciprocating Compressor reached 1,000 sets.
2010 Deliveries of "Mitsui's 56",a big hit 56,000dwt Bulk Carrier series by MES reached 100 sets.
2011 Our joint venture company in China "MES FERROTEC CHINA CO.,LTD."
starts production of induction heater equipment
Accomplished acumulated shipment of 1,000 sets Rubber tyred gantry crane,"Transtainer".
Joint venture company "M & T Olivion Co., Ltd." established with Toda Kogyo Corp for production and sales of Lithium Ion Positive Electrode-Material
2012 Achieved the world record in accumulated production of 80 million BHP with a single brand of Mitsui-MAN B&Wdiesel engine.
2013 Completed "neo Supramax 66BC ",1st ship of the new generation Eco-ship.