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Social Contribution Activity

MES is promoting and performing various activities to contribute to communities.

Following up on activities conducted by the MES group of volunteers in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
In May of 2011, the Kansai branch of the Japan Society of Naval Architects and Ocean Engineers awarded MES with their "Branch Manager Prize" for our support efforts within the area stricken by the Great East Japan Earthquake. Following the disaster, MES dispatched a high-speed Techno Super Liner (TSL) cargo-passenger ship to Ishimaki Port in Miyagi Prefecture. As opposed to being praised as an extraordinary example of earthquake relief by a single corporation, our actions were lauded for the way the entire Tamano Works came together to overcome technological problems and demonstrate new knowledge on how ships can support disasters.
The award ceremony was held on May 25th of 2012 at the society's Kansai Branch general meeting. Two personnel from our Tamano Works were in attendance. Upon receiving the award, MES gave a presentation detailing our activities. Though MES had considered dispatching the TSL to the stricken areas immediately following the earthquake, many problems had to first be overcome. These included the quick restart of the TSL, security of life water, aftershocks and security of the personnel on board. In addition to presenting these problems, we demonstrated how we overcame them through the use of photographs.
We were rewarded with kind messages and praise from those in attendance, including members of the organization's administration.

Public Launching Ceremonies (Tamano Works)
In order to contribute to the local community, our Tamano Works began opening new vessel launch ceremonies to the public. In fiscal 2012, we held four launching ceremonies that were open to the public.
Because the sight of a large-bodied ship sliding into the sea is quite impressive, these kinds of ceremonies are always immensely popular.
Every Industrial Sightseeing Tour planned by the Tamano City Tourist Association quickly fills up due the popularity of these launching ceremonies. There is always a waiting list to view the launching ceremonies.
For the first time in 17 years, the launching ceremony of a naval escort ship was held in last August. There was a grand celebration for this occasion, including 3,000 invited and local guests.
Following the cutting of its support rope and opening of the colorful ceremonial streamer ball, viewers cheered and applauded as the vessel named Fuyuzuki slid into the water.
Photographs show the naval escort ship named Fuyuzuki at her launching ceremony in last August.

Welcoming Guest Staff Observers from Hanoi Technical College in Vietnam (Chiba Works)
Chiba Prefecture has organized mutual exchange activities with the country of Vietnam. This included a technological support project that was implemented at prefecture-wide technical high schools between 2009 and 2011. In an attempt to achieve further international understanding within the area of industrial education, the Chiba Prefectural High School Industrial Education Research Council and Globalization Promotion Committee were established. Aiming to promote international understanding among high school students through education, this mutual exchange project is being continued. For the 2012 project, five teachers from Hanoi Technical College were invited to Chiba. On-site inspection training was implemented at a variety of industry-related companies and educational institutions within the prefecture. This included a field trip to our Chiba Works on Thursday, June 21st of 2012.
The tour of our Chiba Shipyard was the main event of that day. The contingent was very impressed with the technology that goes into our gigantic tankers a type of ship that has never been built in Vietnam. At the conclusion of the tour, our guests were given the opportunity to talk with trainees from Vietnam who are currently being trained at our Chiba Works.
The two groups had a very active exchange of opinions regarding issues such as skill acquisition and other training methods.

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Citizens and National College of Technology Students Tour our Oita Works
On October 10th of 2012, eight publicly-invited citizens of Oita participated in an Oita City-sponsored Industrial Exhibition Bus Tour. On February 8th of 2013, 46 third-year students of Oita National College of Technology visited our works as part of their social studies class. Both groups toured the factory at our Oita Works.
After hearing our company overview, the groups were guided along the same production route as our actual products (processing, assembly and welding). This helped them to understand production flow and see how products are cut from steel. Guests were then taken to view a finished large-size crane. Participants were overwhelmed by the size of the crane, which they had never before experienced up close. Photographs show Oita National College of Technology students touring our works.

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Implementation of Kaio-maru and Shipyard Tour (MES Yura)
On September 24th of 2012, a public viewing of the shipyard and sailing vessel Kaio-maru took place at our MES Yura Dockyard. This public viewing was carried out by the Kinki District Transport Bureau and Kinki Domestic Vessel Crew Measure Meeting. This activity was organized to help further knowledge about the shipyard and maritime jobs for junior high school students. As the next generation of our society, these junior high school students will likely have to respond to a challenging human resource situation and other problems, such as today's aging of on-board crew and shipyard engineers. 53 local junior high school students participated.

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Participating in the Niigata Festival, Minyo Nagashi
(Niigata Shipbuilding & Repair, Inc.)
The annual Niigata Festival was held over three days in August of 2012 (Aug. 3-5). This summer in Niigata City was unusually hot, with daily temperatures exceeding 30° Celsius. August 3rd marks the day of Minyo Nagashi, which our company has participated in since its foundation. In what is now our 10th time to participate in the festivities, 80 employees dressed in uniform kimonos. Dancing for a good two hours, they sweat in the sun and had an enjoyable time. Total participants in the 2012 Minyo Nagashi topped 13,000.