QWhen was the Company established?
AThe Company started its operation as a Ship Division of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in 1917.
In 1937, the Company became independent, and changed its name to Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. in 1942.
QWhen was the stock listed on the market?
AThe Company was listed on Tokyo and Osaka Stock Exchanges in May 1949.
QWhen is the financial statement announced?
AWe settle the account at the end of March and announce the financial statement in May every year. The interim financial statement is announced in November.
Refer to IR Schedule.
QHow can I obtain the most recent settlement accounts information?
ARefer to Financial Reports for the most recent information.
QWho is the transfer agent?
AIt is the Chuo Mitsui Trust and Banking Company, Limited.
QWhat is the stock code of the Company?
AIt is 7003.
As for recent stock price, click Stock Price (link to on the Internet.
QIs there any hospitality program for stockholders?
AThere is not.
QWhere do I contact for necessary stock-related proceedings?
AContact Stock Transfer Agency Department, the Chuo Mitsui Trust and Banking Company, Limited at phone +81-3-3323-7111 (main switchboard)