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Long-term vision

Long-term vision

The MES Group 2025 Vision outlines the MES Group’s long-term direction for the period between fiscal 2016 and fiscal 2025. To achieve the MES Group company philosophy of “To continue working as a company trusted by society and individuals through products and services we offer”, we outlined the direction of our future initiatives based on an evaluation of our rapidly changing external environment. We want to share the MES Group 2025 Vision as the path we understand and mutually embrace towards concentrating our collective strengths and establishing a level of profitability that is not influenced by market fluctuations.

MES Group 2025 Vision Overview Figure

MES Group 2025 Vision Overview Figure
Focusing Our Strengths
Environment & Energy
We will contribute to the future of a sustainable earth through the effective utilization of ocean resources, energy and waste products.
Marine Logistics & Transportation
We will contribute to social development by providing energy-saving and environmental performance, fuel diversity, and labor-saving equipment.
Social & Industrial Infrastructure
We will contribute to creating a safe and comfortable living environment by providing the plant facilities and public transportation infrastructure vital to the development of developing countries and the conservation services necessary for infrastructure in Japan and other advanced economies.
Key Strategy
Key Strategy
Our Three Actions
Switching our perspective from “external to internal”
Proactively promoting internal and external collaborations
Focus on increasing profit margin
Quantitative Target
Net sales of 1.1 trillion yen
and an ordinary income rate of 6% by fiscal 2025.