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January 12 , 2011
M.V. “FORTUNE WING”, 56,000 DWT Type Bulk Carrier
with Huge Cargo Hold Capacity (over 70,000m3)
116th Ship of “Mitsui’s 56” Series Delivered
56,000 DWT Type Bulk Carrier M.V. "FORTUNE WING"
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd., (MES) completed and delivered a 56,000 dwt type bulk carrier M.V. “FORTUNE WING” (MES Hull No. 1759) at its Tamano Works on 12th January, 2011 to White Citron Shipping S.A., Panama.

This vessel is a handy-max type bulk carrier of 56,000 dwt with a huge cargo hold capacity over 70,000 m3 and marks the 116th ship of its series.

This 56,000 dwt type bulk carrier series of MES is widely called “Mitsui’s 56” and is highly appreciated in the market. More than 160 units of this series have been ordered from MES.

Principal Particulars

Length overall 189.99 m
Length (between perpendiculars) 182.00 m
Breadth (molded) 32.26 m
Depth (molded) 17.90 m
Gross Tonnage 31,248 t
Deadweight 55,650 metric tons
Main Engine MITSUI-MAN B&W Diesel Engine 6S50MC-C x1set
Maximum Continuous Output 9,480 kW x 127.0rpm
Service Speed 14.5 knots
Complement 24 persons
Classification Society KR
Flag Hong Kong
Date of Delivery January 12, 2011
Special Features
  • The vessel has five (5) cargo holds and four (4) cranes for handling cargo.
  • In order to load various kinds of cargo, the vessel is designed to have enough strength of tank top of cargo holds and to be suitable for efficient cargo handling.
    (a) The size of hatch opening is the largest for this type of vessel in terms of both length and width.
    (b) Each cargo hold has a sufficient clear length in order to load long pipes.
    (c) Cargo hold is well strengthened to load heavy cargo such as hot coil etc.
  • The vessel is designed in accordance with IACS URS25 so that loading flexibility has been secured and structural safety has been improved.
  • Main Engine is the latest MITSUI-MAN B&W Diesel Engine 6S50MC-C, which is a light, compact and high output engine satisfying the Environment Standards for Exhaust Gas. It has marginal output to keep enough speed (at normal service output = 75% maximum continuous output), achieving the optimum matching at normal service output.
  • 2 sets for each heavy fuel oil service tank, diesel oil tank, diesel oil service tank and main engine cylinder oil tank are specially arranged for the vessel, considering operation with either low sulphur heavy fuel oil or low sulphur marine diesel oil to cope with SOx Emission Control.
  • Ballast water can be changed during navigation for protection of marine environment.
  • Generator engine also satisfies the IMO Standards for Environment.