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April 3, 2013
Members of Directors, Corporate Auditors and Their Roles
(Unofficial Decision)

Members of directors, Corporate Auditors and their respective roles have been unofficially decided as follows, which will formally be resolved at the extraordinary board of directors’ meeting to be held after the close of the 110th annual general shareholders meeting:

(As of June 27, 2013)
Block letters indicate new directors and new roles of the directors.
◎ indicates “promoted”
◯ indicates “newly assigned”

Title Name Responsibility
Chairman/Representative Director Yasuhiko Katoh   
◎President/Representative Director Takao Tanaka   
◎Vice President/
Representative Director
Masafumi Okada Assists president,
administers corporate management and sales,
being in charge of auditing, export control, CCO* and CPO**.
Managing Director Akinori Matsuda General Manager of Tamano Works,
administers manufacturing
Managing Director Manabu Kawai In charge of finance & accounting and IR
◎ Managing Director Takaki Yamamoto In charge of Personnel & General Affairs and Procurement
◎ Managing Director Osamu Niho General Manager of Business Development & Innovation Hq.
Director Hiroyuki Komine General Manager of Engineering Hq.
Director Shinsuke Minoda General Manager of Machinery & Systems Hq.
Director Takahiro Hiraiwa In charge of production improvement promotion,
environmental & safety control and General Manager of Oita Works,
Deputy General Manager of Machinery & Systems Hq.
Director Norihisa Fukuda General Manager of Ship & Ocean Project Hq.
◯ Director Nobuo Doi General Manager of Research & Development Hq.
◯ Director Akira Nishihata In charge of corporate planning
◯ Director Takehiko Tsubokawa Deputy General Manager of Ship & Ocean Project Hq,
In charge of Chiba Works
◯ Director Toru Tokuhisa (***)   
Corporate Auditor(Full-time) Yasuo Irie   
Corporate Auditor (Full-time) Yoshihisa Kitajima   
Corporate Auditor Kazuya Imai   
Corporate Auditor Mitsuaki Yahagi   

* CCO: Chief Compliance Officer
**CPO: Chief Privacy Officer
***:Outside director