After-sales Services for Plant MachineryBusiness & Products

We support the Plant Machineries, the “Heart” of the Plant, with our rich experience and high level of technology.

At the Plant Machinery Service Division, we provide a wide range of services such as repair, maintenance, parts supply, and improvement proposals for full range of plant machineries provided by MES the types of which are listed below.

  • Steam and Top Pressure Recovery Turbines
  • Axial Flow, Turbo and Reciprocating Compressors
  • Process Machineries, etc.
Steam turbines



For your maintenance needs, we can provide our technical supervisor and propose what is necessary for a full-turnkey maintenance job. We can even give you a proposal for a long-term maintenance agreement or 3PM (3rd Party Maintenance).

Equipment Diagnosis / Repair Work

Abnormal Diagnosis /Accident Analysis
We can identify possible causes and solutions for the abnormal functioning and accidents of your equipment by analyzing current conditions and past records.
Life-expectancy Diagnosis
We can diagnose the life-expectancy of your equipment by conducting a survey from various perspectives and give you the proper advice.
FEM analysis of moving blade for a steam turbine
Picture taken by an electron microscope of a fatigue breakdown
Wear check of a turbine's moving blades using a 3D scanner
Solid model of 3D scanner used for eigenvalue analysis

Modernization / Energy Saving Modifications

We can propose modernization and/or energy saving modifications for your equipment.

1. Output Increasing and Energy Saving Modifications for Axial Flow and Turbo Compressors and Steam Turbines
Using our latest technology, we are able to propose an order made modification plan for your specific needs: such as ways to increase output or energy saving methods. Your required operating conditions will be considered, reusing as many original parts as possible. We can even give alternative plans for steam turbines made by other companies.
2.Governor Modification for Steam and Top Pressure Recovery Turbines
Using our knowledge and long experience with the turbines, we have developed our original digital governor “MAG” (Mitsui Advanced Governor). We have adapted the latest, super high-speed PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) which enables us to advance safety and usability. In addition, (when compared with the old Mechanical/Analog type), it will prevent troubles which occur from parts deteriorations.
3.Energy Saving Modifications for Reciprocating Compressors
We can offer you our Stepless Unloader or ASCP (Automatic Stepless Capacity Control Clearance Pocket), which enables the reduction of electric power usage. Using our latest technology, we can also offer you a valve with higher efficiency and longer life.

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