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Mitsui E&S Business Service Co., Ltd. functions as a provider of shared services concerning administrative operations in the Group, including technical support for businesses and R&D, intellectual property management, personnel and general affairs, and financial affairs and accounting. The services are provided mainly to Mitsui E&S Holdings Co., Ltd. and the three operating companies affiliated with it, which are engaged in shipbuilding, machinery, and engineering, respectively. The missions of Mitsui E&S Business Service Co., Ltd.. in the Group are to maintain and improve the back-office operations of Group companies and to foster administrative human resources.



Along with the establishment of Mitsui E&S Holdings in April 2018, our company was founded to take responsibility of shared service functionality (human resources, general affairs, accounting and financial affairs) for the Group companies. In addition, we are working to develop fundamental technology, which is the basis of monozukuri (manufacturing), and conduct business in a wide range of areas.
Our business mainly consists of contracts for indirect operations from the Holdings, the parent company, and business companies in the Group. Our corporate mission is to contribute to the enhancement of competitiveness of the business companies and the foundation reinforcement of group management through cost reduction by efficient operations, quality improvement supported by the accumulation of knowledge and knowhow, advanced skills and technological strength, in addition to advancements in the human resource development.
The business environment surrounding companies is changing rapidly. Because the situation has become more complicated and sophisticated it is necessary for companies to have professional human resources with high expertise and are familiar with business processes, in order to constantly yield good performance. We will make further efforts to become such a company and work hard to contribute to maximizing the added value of the Mitsui E&S Group as a reliable company. We appreciate your continuous understanding and support.

Yuichi Shiomi, President

Company Profile

Company Name Mitsui E&S Business Service Co., Ltd.
Head Office 6-4, Tsukiji 5-chome, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-8439, Japan
Representative Yuichi Shiomi, President
Major Business Areas Provision of shared services concerning administrative operations in the Mitsui E&S Group, including technical support for business and R&D, financial affairs and accounting and personnel and general affairs
Capital 10 billion
Employees 145

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