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Company History
1917 Company started as a shipbuilding department of Mitsui & Co., Ltd. in Tamano, Okayama
1937 Company was separated from Mitsui & Co., Ltd and became independent as Tama Shipyard, Ltd.
1942 Company has become Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (MES)
1917 Tama Shipyard

1917 Tama Shipyard

1917 1st Ship Kaisei Marulaunched

1917 1st Ship "Kaisei Maru"launched

1926 While keeping shipbuilding as mainstream of business, MES concluded Technical Agreement with B&W, Denmark (presently MAN B&W) and started manufacturing marine diesel engines. Since then MES has been a leading manufacturer of marine diesel engines in the world.


1928	1st Diesel Engine

1928 1st Diesel Engine

After difficult times during and immediately after the World War II, MES started on a large scale the design and manufacturing of various plants including synthetic fiber plant, inorganic chemical plant, petrochemical plant and industrial machinery. Nowadays MES establishes a strong position as an EPC implementing company from plant engineering to its construction.

1958	Ethylene Plant

1958 Ethylene Plant

1961 MES concluded Technical Agreement with Paceco, Inc. USA (bought up by MES in 1988) for manufacturing of container crane, and started container business including its first construction and delivery in Japan to Maya Pier of Kobe Port. MES also started steel construction business such as large bridge, penstock, watergate etc. for electric power company.
1995 MES bought up Babcock Energy, UK (presently Mitsui Babcock Energy Limited) to expand its energy related business and has become a full fledged heavy industry complex powerful on land.
1966 First Container Crane in Japan

1966 First Container Crane in Japan


(For Shipbuilding Business)

1962 MES newly built Chiba Shipyard in Ichihara, Chiba for building large tankers and ore carriers in series to cope with the ships jumboizing trend during the rapid economic growth period.
1967 MES merged with Fujjinagata Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
1973 Yura Shipyard (presently MES Yura Inc.) was built in Yura, Hidaka-gun, Wakayama specializing in ship repair.
1975 Biggest Super Tanker built by MES

1975 Biggest Super Tanker built by MES

Presently, MES builds and delivers at its two shipyards in Tamano and Chiba various latest types of cargo ships, LNG carriers, warships and government ships.

(For Big Steel Construction Business)

1981 Oita Works was built in Oita City specializing in construction of large scale steel structures