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March 27, 2013
MV "FINCH ARROW" 72,800 DWT Open Hatch Jib Crane General Cargo Carrier Delivered
The Largest Deadweight / Cargo Hold Capacity with Box-Shaped Cargo Holds
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (MES) completed and delivered a 72,800 dwt type Open Hatch Jib Crane General Cargo Carrier MV "FINCH ARROW" (MES Hull No. 1837) at its Chiba Works to 311 RAINBOW SHIPPING S.A., Panama on March 27, 2013. This is the 2nd vessel of its series which has a large cargo hold capacity of more than 86,600 m3 with 8 box-shaped cargo holds.

Principal Particulars

Length overall 210.00 m
Length (between perpendiculars) 202.00 m
Breadth (molded) 36.00 m
Depth (molded) 20.20 m
Gross Tonnage 46,295
Deadweight 72,914 metric tons
Main Engine MITSUI-MAN B&W Diesel Engine 5S60ME-C8(Mark8) 1set
Maximum Continuous Output 9,450 kW x 89rpm
Service Speed 14.5 knots
Complement 30 persons
Classification Society NK
Flag Panama
Date of Delivery March 27, 2013
Special Features
  • The Vessel is one of the largest open hatch general cargo carriers in the world with eight (8) box-shaped cargo holds and four (4) jib cranes for handling cargo.
  • The vessel has three (3) pairs of piggyback-type hatch covers (*) to have large hatch openings.
  • The vessel has large hatch openings, which has no protruding object, and higher structural reliability with the characteristic structure of the hatch corners.
  • In consideration of carrying forest products, bulkheads of cargo hold have no protruding objects and dehumidifier system is provided.
  • Fittings for container and packaged lumber loading are fitted on the hatch covers.
  • A hydrodynamic energy saving device on the rudder achieves good propulsive performance.
  • MITSUI-MAN B&W Diesel Engine 5S60ME-C8 is a light, compact and high output electronically controlled engine complying with MARPOL NOx restriction for exhaust gas.
  • The bow thruster and high-lift rudder enables good maneuverability in port.
  • The vessel has a ballast water treatment system for protection of marine environment in advance of forthcoming entry into force of Ballast Water Management Convention.

(*):Piggyback-type hatch cover;
The system consists of a pair of two panels, i.e., "Lifting panel" & "Rolling panel".
"Rolling panel" rolls to underneath of the lifted "Lifting panel" and after that the "Lifting panel" is piled on to the back of "Rolling panel".
Piled panels can be moved between two neighboring hatches by endless chain system with hydraulic motor.
This system can save hatch cover stowage space around hatchway, and realizes wide hatch opening.