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Origin of the Company Name Mitsui E&S Holdings

E&S is created using the initial letters of Engineering & Shipbuilding, which is part of the former company name, of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding. However, its meaning goes beyond these two words.
E implies Environment and Energy, part of the business areas we will be focusing on. S suggests Social Infrastructure, Solution, Systems and Service. Each of these are also part of the areas in which we will be working intensively. Thus, E&S has extensive significance.
E&S symbolizes our corporate stance of providing a wider array of solutions more broadly with Engineering & Shipbuilding as the starting points, where we have cultivated our strengths and beyond.

The Mitsui E&S Group's Unified Logo

<The new logo: M on the Earth>
The blue under M represents the horizon of the Earth. It expresses the future expansion of the business fields of the Mitsui E&S Group. On this line, you see M in dynamic black, which gives an impression of solid potential for future growth and presence. Between the blue line and the M hide two arrows, facing each other, to express the Group's determination to create new value for the planet by bringing together diverse people and technologies.

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