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Meaning of the Company Name MITSUI E&S

As we make a fresh start as MITSUI E&S in 2023, we reviewed the meaning of the "E" and "S" of our company name.
E&S in our new trade name signifies "Engineering & Services for Evolution & Sustainability."
This is meant to convey the meaning significance of our existence (purpose), namely engaging in engineering and services to contribute to the achievement of a sustainable society.

The MITSUI E&S Group's Unified Logo

<Logo: M on the Earth>
The blue under M represents the horizon of the Earth. It expresses the marine domain of the business fields of the MITSUI E&S Group. On this line, you see M in dynamic black, which gives an impression of solid potential for future growth and presence. Between the blue line and the M hide two arrows, facing each other, to express the Group's determination to create new value for the planet by bringing together diverse people and technologies.

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