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Director/Corporate Auditor(As of June 25, 2020)

President, Representative Director Ryoichi Oka,CEO and in charge of Engineering Business Management Dept. and Auditing Dept.
Vice President, Representative Director Keigo Matsubara,Assistant to President, CFO (*1) , and in charge of Finance & Accounting Dept. and in charge of IR Dept.
Director Shoichi Taguchi,CCO (*2) and in charge of Legal Dept. and General Manager of Human Resources & General Affairs Dept.
Director Taketsune Matsumura,CISO(*3) and in charge of Corporate Planning Dept.
Director Toshikazu Tanaka (*4)
Director Yoshio Haga (*4)
Corporate Auditor(Full-time) Yuichi Shiomi
Corporate Auditor(Full-time) Hiroki Higuchi
Corporate Auditor Koichi Tanaka(*5)
Corporate Auditor Seiichi Ueno(*5)

(*1)CFO: Chief Financial Officer
(*2)CCO: Chief Compliance Officer
(*3)CISO: Chief Information Security Officer
(*4)Outside Director
(*5)Outside Corporate Auditor

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