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Director/Corporate Auditor (As of April 1, 2022)

Chairman (of the Board of Directors) Ryoichi Oka
President, Representative Director Takeyuki Takahashi,CEO, CCO (*1) , and in charge of General Control, Growth Business Promoting Dept. and Auditing & Legal Dept.
Vice President, Representative Director Taketsune Matsumura,Assistant to President, CSO (*2) , CISO (*3) , and in charge of Engineering Business Management Dept. , Corporate Planning Dept. and Human Resources & General Affairs Dept.
Vice President, Representative Director Keigo Matsubara,Assistant to President, CFO (*4) , and in charge of Finance & Accounting Dept. and in charge of IR Dept.
Director Toshikazu Tanaka (*5)
Director Yoshio Haga (*5)
Corporate Auditor(Full-time) Yuichi Shiomi
Corporate Auditor(Full-time) Shoichi Taguchi
Corporate Auditor Koichi Tanaka(*6)
Corporate Auditor Seiichi Ueno(*6)

(*1)CCO:Chief Compliance Officer
(*2)CSO:Chief Strategy Officer
(*3)CISO:Chief Information Security Officer
(*4)CFO:Chief Financial Officer
(*5)Outside Director
(*6)Outside Corporate Auditor

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