DirectorsCompany Information

Directors (As of June 28, 2023)

President, Representative Director Takeyuki Takahashi,CEO, CCO (*1), and in charge of General Control and Auditing & Legal Dept.
Vice President, Representative Director Taketsune Matsumura,Assistant to President, CFO (*2), CIO (*3), and in charge of Corporate Services Div. (*4)
Director Ichiro Tanaka,Assistant to President, and in charge of Business Div. (*5) and Procurement Dept.
General Manager of New Business Development Div.
Director Haruyuki Nagata (*6)
Director Yuuichi ShiomiFull-time Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
Director Koichi Tanaka(*6)Audit and Supervisory Committee Member
Director Koichi Kawasaki(*6)Audit and Supervisory Committee Member

(*1)CCO:Chief Compliance Officer
(*2)CFO : Chief Financial Officer
(*3)CIO : Chief Information Officer
(*4)Corporate Services Div.: Corporate Planning Dept., HR & General Affairs Dept., Finance Dept., and Accounting Dept.
(*5)Business Div.: Marine Propulsion Systems Div., Logistics Systems Div., New Business Development Div.
(*6)Outside Director

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