Company PhilosophyAbout the Mitsui E&S Group

Company Philosophy

The company philosophy forms the raison d'etre and mission of the company;

To continue working as a company trusted by society and individual through products and services we offer

Management Policy

The management policy is to implement the company philosophy , realizing ways to increase the value of the company:

  • Build further satisfaction for our customers
  • Provide safe and effective workplace environment for employees
  • Contribute to the development of society
  • Pursue a profit for the longevity of the company

Standards of Conduct

The standards of conduct are our professional approach founded on '' Thinking ''

○ Think : think it through to the end

  • Customer OrientationDiligently attend to our customer's needs for creating value-added products
  • Excellence as motive and objectiveMaintain a standard of professionalism while always striving toward the most esteemed of goals
  • Determination of actionNever compromise on excellence
  • Speed of actionDecide quickly , act promptly
  • Leadership in actionAchieve success by maximizing the potential of each member
  • Work for the teamCooperate in the achievement of goals while inspiring and energizing teams
  • ImprovementSeek the best every day, make improvements every moment
    Learn from fellow worker, competitor and customers
  • ComplianceAlways act in a manner worthy of a member of the company by complying with laws and regulations
  • Partnership with the Local CommunityWork alongside the local community as a partner

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