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I would like to express my gratitude for your continued and exceptional support. In April last year, the Company transitioned to a business holding company and made a fresh start with a new company name, MITSUI E&S Co., Ltd. Furthermore, in June last year, we transitioned to a company with an audit and supervisory committee, which improved the speed of decision-making and created an environment for more in-depth discussions on business strategy and other matters.

In this context, during FY2023, we have been working to increase added value in our core businesses of marine propulsion and port logistics through "green" and "digital" strategies, and to develop new growth businesses based on our own resources. As a result, operating income, ordinary income, and profit have all increased year on year, and we believe that we have laid the foundation for a sustainable and stable earnings structure.

Going forward, we will take efforts to further establish the management foundation of the new MITSUI E&S as we aim to reach new heights. We would deeply appreciate your continued support in the future.

Takeyuki Takahashi
President, Representative Director, and CEO
MITSUI E&S Co., Ltd.

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