Initiative to Reduce Environmental ImpactSustainability

Involved in an integrated project for development and social implementation of ammonia-fueled ships


In cooperation with four other companies including ITOCHU Corporation, we are committed to the next-generation vessel development project and the development of ammonia-fueled ships which are a part of the Green Innovation Fund project. MITSUI E&S Machinery is undertaking the development of ammonia-fueled propulsion systems. Under Japanese leadership, ammonia-fueled ships will be implemented in society and we seek to enable the Japanese maritime industry to keep its long-term advantage in the field of zero-emission ships.

Development of an ammonia-fueled, high-efficiency power generation system for marine use


In the technical development of ammonia-fueled cells for marine use, which the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism selected as an R&D project, we proceed with the development of technology for decomposing ammonia and extracting hydrogen for use in a power generation system.By combining the high-efficiency power generation system with the ammonia-fueled propulsion system, we will contribute to the earliest social implementation of zero-emission ships.

Development of Zero-emission Transtainers®

This Near Zero-emission (NZE) Transtainer® was delivered to KICT

In response to the global trend toward decarbonization, our corporate group is among the first to begin the development of decarbonization-oriented port cargo handling equipments.
In August 2022, we delivered the first Near Zero-emission (NZE) Transtainer® to Kobe International Container Terminal (KICT).
With a view toward the arrival of a hydrogen society, the Transtainer® are designed to be able to replace to zero emissions using hydrogen fuel cell (FC) power supplies.

Involved in a project for the implementation and demonstration of a model for local hydrogen production for local consumption

Diagram of the value chain of the implementation and demonstration

MITSUI E&S Machinery and its U.S. subsidiary, PACECO® CORP. have joined four other companies including Toyota Tsusho Corporation in an implementation and demonstration project at the Port of Los Angeles. That containes conversion cargo handling machinery and trucks to hydrogen fuelcells and local production-local consumption of hydrogen specifically for ports.
This demonstration and analysis will start in 2024 in a actual use environment. Through the development project, we are pursuing to achieve zero emissions Transtainers®.

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