Material IssuesSustainability

Material Issues

The Mitsui E&S Group seeks to enhance its corporate value by contributing to solutions to social issues through its business activities. To accelerate activities solving social issues, we have defined the material issues related to sustainability that we should prioritize, as well as our medium- and long-term goals.

Material Issues FY2030 Target Relevant Targets of SDGs
Creating a decarbonized society
CO2reduction through the launch of environmentally friendly products onto the market
5.5 million t-CO2/year66% reduction compared to FY2019
Product life cycle total
110 million t-CO2
CO2reduction resulting from the Mitsui E&S Group’s production activities
9,000 tons CO2/per year17% reduction compared to FY2019
Affordable and Clean EnergyClimate Action
Resolving issues of a society with a shrinking population
Automation products (Transtainer®) onto the market
Percentage of automated Transtainers: 40%Ratio of annual sales
Industry, Innovation and InfrastructurePartnerships

Material Issue Identification Process

  1. Identifying social issues

    Identify socially important issues based on the SDGs and domestic and global trends

  2. Create a draft of material issues

    Choose the social issues that are directly connected to our operations and management base from among the issues that we must prioritize

  3. Specify material issues

    The Group Management Committee discusses the issues and the Management Committee and Board of Directors pass resolutions on them alongside the Mid-Term Business Plan 2023

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