Efforts to Prevent Labor AccidentsSustainability

Promotion of Team Safety II Exercises

Initiated in 2003, our Team Safety Exercises continue to promote safety and health-related activities. Promoted through Workplace Teams, this initiative is based on the spirit of "joint promotion, joint responsibility." Since 2010, we have also operated our Team Safety II Exercises as a comprehensive safety and health-related activity. Its slogan is, "avoiding workplace labor accidents." With the active participation and guidance of managers and supervisors, the Team Safety Exercises encourage further development of our ability to sense danger and assess risks. Moreover, these exercises call on employees — particularly those who are young or inexperienced — to master work safety through person-to-person training and other means.

Team Safety II Exercises promotion activity results presentation

Reducing Labor Accident Risks through Risk Assessment

Based on our Work Safety and Health Management System, we examine potential accident risks that may be hidden in workplace. Moreover, we estimate and evaluate the degree and frequency of labor accidents through risk assessment. This allows us to take action in relation to issues that present a greater risk. By continuously taking part in such risk reduction activities, we strive to prevent labor accidents and reach a stage where safety is an intrinsic part of our organization.


Notes: 1. Frequency rate of accidents resulting in absence from work indicates death and injury number per total 1 million actual working hours. Frequency rate of accidents resulting in absence from work = Number of death and injuries requiring absence of one day or more in labor accidents ÷ Total actual working hours) x 1,000,000 2. Accident frequency rate of manufacturing industries is extracted from Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association. (FY2013 data of frequency rate of absence from work is not yet disclosed and therefore not available)

Implementation of Danger Sensibility Improvement Training

In April of 2007, MES opened the Safety Training Center at our Tamano Works. One of the factors that led to its establishment was our growing number of MES retirees who were being replaced with young employees and workers from associated companies. To reinforce safety measures, employees experience twenty-one different dangerous situations as part of danger experience training at this facility. In 2008, similar facilities were built at both our Oita and Chiba Works. This now gives all of our works the capability of promoting and implementing improved danger sensibility and safety through danger experience training.

Danger experience training