Stakeholder EngagementSustainability

Stakeholders of the MES Group

The MITSUI E&S Group defined its mission as “We build trust and contribute to society through our engineering and services.” To achieve our company mission, we engage in ongoing communication with various stakeholders, strive to foster understanding and trust toward the Group through appropriate information disclosures, and help to shape a sustainable society.


Supply chain management

Contributing to society through engineering and services, the Mitsui E&S Group works to fulfill its social responsibility by seeking coexistence and shared prosperity based on fair, equitable and transparent transactions with partner companies in the procurement of materials and parts, with the goal of providing sustainable products and services. We will advance digitalization for the visualization of our production and procurement processes and continually improve in cooperation with our partner companies, seeking to optimize our production processes.

Build fair and equitable trust-based relationships

MITSUI E&S has made the following declaration: As a basic principle, we fairly select business partners by providing all companies that desire to be our business partners with equal and fair opportunities for participation. Based on our thorough commitment to preventing corruption, we strive to build fair and equitable trust-based relationships with our partner companies.

Achieve a sustainable society

Addressing the risks of overseas procurement today, our procurement of materials is based on a global perspective. We also are engaged in green procurement that considers the reduction of environmental impact in pursuit of a sustainable society.

Digital strategy

We are pursuing the shift to smart factories through the construction of a digitally integrated platform that encompasses development, design, sales, procurement, manufacturing and other data. This will start with the improvement of data connections with partner companies.

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