Stakeholders of the MES Group

Together with customers

We work under our company philosophy of “To continue our role as a trusted company, and as a trusted member of society” In our management policy that supports the company philosophy, we have set “Build further satisfaction for our customers” as one of our most important objectives. In our specific standards of conduct for employees, we give top priority to “customer orientation” and “Diligently attend to our customer needs for creating value-added products” and strive to develop and provide differentiated products and services based on new findings from customers’ voices.

Together with shareholders and investors

We position IR activities as a part of the long-term business and financial strategies of senior management. We disclose our corporate information in a fair and proactive manner in our effort to deepen shareholders’ and investors’ understanding of the business activities of MES and the MES Group.

Information disclosure and IR activities

To build better relationships with shareholders and investors, we strive to ensure timely, appropriate information disclosure and have our senior management explain our business policies and specific visions in our IR activities, so as to ensure highly transparent management.


Provision of IR information

We publish information about our company on our website in a timely, appropriate manner. In addition to providing materials including those for results briefing sessions and those on mid-term business plans, we also provide video and other content aimed at providing shareholders and other investors with greater insight into MES. We will continue striving to provide easy-to-understand information promptly.

Supply chain management

Contributing to society through engineering and services, the Mitsui E&S Group works to fulfill its social responsibility by seeking coexistence and shared prosperity based on fair, equitable and transparent transactions with partner companies in the procurement of materials and parts, with the goal of providing sustainable products and services. We will advance digitalization for the visualization of our production and procurement processes and continually improve in cooperation with our partner companies, seeking to optimize our production processes.

Build fair and equitable trust-based relationships

MITSUI E&S has made the following declaration: As a basic principle, we fairly select business partners by providing all companies that desire to be our business partners with equal and fair opportunities for participation. Based on our thorough commitment to preventing corruption, we strive to build fair and equitable trust-based relationships with our partner companies.

Achieve a sustainable society

Addressing the risks of overseas procurement today, our procurement of materials is based on a global perspective. We also are engaged in green procurement that considers the reduction of environmental impact in pursuit of a sustainable society.

Digital strategy

We are pursuing the shift to smart factories through the construction of a digitally integrated platform that encompasses development, design, sales, procurement, manufacturing and other data. This will start with the improvement of data connections with partner companies.

Together with local communities

We attach importance to communications with local communities. Employees in each of our business locations engage in environmental and social contribution activities locally, aiming to create a sustainable society. Information about initiatives taken at each business location is provided in this report and on our website.

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