Basic Policy for Enlightening People about Human RightsSustainability

Initiatives for creating workplaces where every single employee is respected

Each and every employee in the workplace is absolutely essential to the corporate activities of the Group and a work environment where human rights are respected enables employees to take satisfaction in the life and their job. It maximizes employees’ capabilities and leads to greater productivity. Based on this idea, the MITSUI E&S Group has established its Basic Policy for Enlightening People about Human Rights. In addition to the organization of training programs to increase all executives’ awareness of human rights, we are committed to a range of human rights enlightenment activities at every level of the workforce. In this way, we strive to create an equal and non-discriminatory workplace environment that respects human rights.

Basic Policy for Enlightening People about Human Rights

The MITSUI E&S Group is aware of its social responsibilities as a corporate entity. To create a truly discrimination-free corporate culture, it positions the ending of discrimination against Buraku people, sexual discrimination, racial discrimination and other human rights problems as important issues and strives to solve these problems through its everyday business activities under the principle of respecting human rights.

System for promoting human rights awareness


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