Initiatives for Creating Healthy WorkplacesSustainability

Mental health training session held for Tsukiji head office area while avoiding the Three Cs (three conditions that facilitate the transmission of infectious diseases)
Health Attack program
MITSUI E&S Group counseling hotline

Promoting collaboration between Group companies and health insurance society

To promote health management across the entire MITSUI E&S Group, the company (as the employer) is working together with the health insurance society to develop a variety of health promotion measures.

■Utilization of periodic health checkup results
Based on the results of periodic health checkups, the five MITSUI E&S Group companies provide specific health guidance to employees at risk of any lifestyle-re-lated diseases (with the approach and advice tailored to the support level of the individual), and personal guidance to those individuals at high risk to prevent any increase in severity.

■Workplace support for individual goals in Health Attack program
The Health Attack program is a health improvement support measure that has been conducted for the employees of Group companies and their dependents since 2005. Employees select and work to tackle health issues that suit them, from a diverse range of courses for two months a year.

■Mental health measures
We systematically conduct mental health training seminars, and stress checks, issue mental health news and hold interviews with counselors. At mental health training seminars, occupational health consultants who are versed in industrial mental health are invited to speak as lecturers, giving lectures at various locations every year on themes tailored to the circumstances of each workplace.
MITSUI E&S Holdings has a collective Employee Support Program (EAP) support agreement utilizing external resources (via outsourcing), with support available to MITSUI E&S Group company employees and their families (around 6,000 persons). This employee support service accepts health, mental and legal consultations via phone, web, fax and interviews 24 hours a day, with strict protection of privacy, and has been in place for over 10 years.

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