Initiatives for Creating Healthy WorkplacesSustainability


Initiatives to Deal with Infectious Diseases

Regarding measures to deal with COVID-19, even after the disease was reclassified as a Category 5 infectious disease, we have continued to monitor the number of cases and compared it to the number of infections in Japan to predict trends and implement preventive measures. In addition, in anticipation of the need to pay large amounts if an employee becomes infected with COVID-19 while traveling overseas on business, we take out insurance at the corporate level and otherwise endeavor to create an environment in which employees can work with peace of mind.

Overseas Safety Initiatives

■Safety Measures at Overseas Factories and Sites
At the factories and local overseas construction sites of MITSUI E&S Group subsidiaries located overseas, we have developed safety management systems in compliance with local laws. In the event of a major disaster or serious accident, MITSUI E&S receives reports, takes appropriate measures after determining the cause, and works to prevent similar incidents from happening again.

■Safety Measures for Employees Traveling Overseas
(Initiatives to Ensure the Safety of Employees Stationed Overseas or on Overseas Business Trips)
The MITSUI E&S Group has established overseas work approval standards based on the overseas travel advice and warning levels issued by Japan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and for travel to regions and countries with Level 3 and higher travel warnings in particular, approval from the corporate officer in charge is required, with the requirement that the safety of the traveling employee can be ensured.
In addition, employees of the MITSUI E&S Group traveling overseas are monitored using the company’s own Overseas Traveler Monitoring System, and when information is received about an emergency situation or sudden incident in an overseas destination, we confirm the safety of any employees traveling overseas in those locations and issue warnings to them, either directly or through their managers.
We are also contracted with outside companies to provide medical assistance and security assistance to employees traveling overseas and have put in place systems where employees and their accompanying family members can receive expert support in terms of medical care and safety while overseas, thus fulfilling our obligations to consider the safety of our employees while they are traveling overseas.

Health Management Initiatives
To promote health management across the entire MITSUI E&S Group, the company (as the employer) is working together with the health insurance society to develop a variety of health promotion measures.

■Utilization of periodic health checkup results
Based on the results of periodic health checkups, MITSUI E&S Group companies provide specific health guidance to employees at risk of any lifestyle-related diseases, and personal guidance to those individuals at high risk to prevent any increase in severity.

Mental health training sessions held at headquarters in 2022

■Mental health measures
We systematically conduct mental health training seminars, and stress checks, issue mental health news and hold interviews with counselors.
The EAP service (Employee Assistance Program) provides health, mental health, and legal consultations 24 hours a day, by telephone, online, fax, and in person, with strict privacy. From 2023, we have added a second opinion service and a secondary examination arrangement service from the perspective of supporting the balance between illness treatment and work.

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