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Dec 1,2017Social Contributions

Road cleaning at Oita Works

June is Environmental Month, and each year during this period we pick up litter on the premises of Oita Works and on prefectural roads around it (an approximately 1.5-kilometer section of the prefectural road adjacent to the facility). This activity is aimed at raising the environmental awareness of our employees as well as minimizing waste. We use the road for commuting, so the activity also reflects our intention to contribute to the beautification of the local community as much as possible. We commenced this activity in 2001, when we acquired ISO 14001 certification. This means that as of 2016, we had carried out this annual activity for 15 years. It has become an important event at Oita Works.

Cleaning activity


sustainable_topics_ohita3.jpgWe carry out this cleaning activity through cooperation across the entire facility. All of the participants carry out the same task for the same objective, which has led them to develop a feeling of fellowship and a sense of unity as an organization. We will continue this cleaning activity with the aim of contributing to the local community.

General Affairs Department, Oita Works Masahito Ikeda

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