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Dec 1,2017Social Contributions

Performance of the Swing Vessels, the brass band club of MES, for local communities

The Swing Vessels is a jazz band of MES consisting of 21 members aged from their 20s to their 60s, including employees of Group companies. As the big band of MES, it performs at events including ship-naming ceremonies and parties of subsidiaries. It also performs at local festivals held around Chiba Works and dance parties hosted by local organizations, among other events.

An autumn concert held in November 2016
Performance at a local May Day event in Ichihara in April 2017


I play trumpet in the band and act as MC at local events. Nothing makes me happier than the positive feedback I receive from the audience while emceeing and the favorable comments they give us after a performance. The band consists of a variety of people, including veterans and young players and both men and women, but we are united in enjoying playing during our performances. We will continue playing so that many more people will enjoy our performances.

Design Department I, Engineering Headquarters Mayu Nishioka

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