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Dec 1,2017Human Assets

Promoting Overseas Deployment System

Objective of his system is to develop the international sensibility of trainees by having them experience working and living overseas as the ground work for developing human resources who will manage overseas bases(including local subsidiaries)and projects in the future. The opportunities are provided to young employees (in their third to fifith year at the company) whose current jobs do not give them many opportunities to gain overseas experience.


I worked as an intern for a local Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Myanmar, which is attracting attention as the “last frontier in Asia,” for a period of about six months from September 2016. I faced a range of difficulties in that country, including the fact that most people don’t understand English. Moreover, people were not proactive in providing me with support, operations are not established, and local business customs differ from those of Japan. However, I was able to improve my communication capabilities and flexibility and grow more active than ever by expanding the range of my activities proactively in that environment. I was also able to consider how I should contribute to the country as a Japanese. It was an incredibly valuable experience for me.

Business Planning Department, Corporate Planning Headquarters Chie Terashita

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