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January 5, 2010
New Year Message by President for 2010 (Summary)
President Katoh
    It seems, with positively-turned Japanese GDP growth rate over the previous quarters and with signs of economic recovery worldwide, the Japanese economy starts recovering. However, recovery remains in the balance since we still face deterioration of capital investment and growing number of unemployment rate. Such concerns of unemployment and stagnant consumption together with prolonged credit crunch are what the U.S. and Europe still suffer from and can’t depart from. Our business circumstances are still severe.

    We have to be conscious of the serious impact of the crises. However, let’s take this crisis as a challenge on us and we make a difference by positively acting with strong will like “how we will do” in mind, not passively waiting and worrying, thinking like “what will be waiting for us”.

    These messages are something we need to bear in mind to realize the bright future ahead of us. “Go back to where we started” “Pursue to the core of customer satisfaction” and “Secure safety and Compliance”.

    Let’s go back to where we started, in a way of thinking what I can do, not thinking someone else will do. Good performance should be enjoyed if we act quickly with patience.

    Core of customer satisfaction will be pursued by listening carefully to the voice of customer and watching carefully the post-process condition. When you’re customer, you’ll purchase something which brings you an expected satisfaction. It’s the same to our business. We’ll strive for providing value to our customer. Our corporate group has a variety of values that will enable us to provide wide-ranging satisfaction to our customer with our technologies.

    Safety and Compliance have a top priority. Nothing stays reliable unless we secure safety and each one of the employees complies with law and acts according to its conscience. Safety and compliance are something what we should keep in mind in acting as a citizen.

    We step into future now. Future generation would be looking forward to learning from us for what we have attained and what we are proud of. Bring a bright future over 100 years for our growth enthusiastically, with challenging spirit.