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November 08 , 2010
MES AFTY newly developed next generation type Ion Planter “Magic-i”
Next Generation Type Ion Planter "Magic-i"
MES AFTY Corporation (hereinafter “MES AFTY” with its president Mr. Seiju Uchida) which is a subsidiary company of Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “MES” with its president Mr. Yasuhiko Katoh) has completed the development of next generation type Ion Implanter “Magic-i” of an enhanced quality and efficiency for doping proces with an eye to the large-scale production in the future of the Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Diode (hereinafter called “AMOLED”) and has shipped its first unit to the customer recently.

AMOLED is a high performance display having high brightness, contrast and color reproducibility and is now actively adopted on a high-grade mobile phone and smart phone by the recent establishment of large-scale production technology.

It is believed that AMOLED will be the main stream for 3-D TV for its high quality image and superior responsiveness to the liquid crystal. Display makers are planning to have a mass-production line of AMOLED TV with large glass substrate.

MES AFTY has a schedule of following shipments toward the end of this year and beginning of next year. MES AFTY is now aggressively having business talks on the “Magic-i” and several types of annealing equipments with Korea who takes a lead in the investment for mass-production and Taiwan who is converting its existing a-Si mass-production line to that of AMOLED as well as China who is eager to make research and development and establish its pilot line.

Outlines of the next generation type “Magic-i”

Size of Glass Substrate 730 x 920 mm (4th generation)
Dimensions of the Unit 5 m (width) x 8 m (depth) x 3.5m (height)
(excluding maintenance space, cassette station and auxiliary equipment area)
Weight of the Unit About 22 tons (Main Unit Only)
Time of Shipment Latter part of July 2010
Purpose Production of OLED for mobile phone
Outlines of MES AFTY Corporation
  • In December 2009, a division of MES for Ion Planter for Flat Panel Display Production and ex-MES AFTY (affiliate company of MES) for semi-conductor manufacturing were integrated.
  • In February 2010, Gasonics Co., Ltd., (affiliate company of MES) for annealing for Flat Panel Display production and manufacturing of Deposition Equipment was also integrated.
  • MES AFTY Corporation is now a strategic subsidiary company who makes an all round business including development, production, sales and maintenance service of semi-conductor and Flat Panel Display production equipment.
  • Assortment of Goods of MES AFTY
    ・Ion Planter for Flat Panel Display Production
    ・Annealing Equipment for Flat Panel Display Production
    ・LP-CVD Deposition System for Flat Panel Display Production
    ・ECR Plasma Deposition System for Semi-conductor Production
    ・ALD Deposition System for Flat Panel Display