Power Electronics Equipment

General Outline

MES is proud of its abundant production record of more than 1200 units with high technology.

Billet Heater for Large Size Material
Billet Heater for Large Size Material

Compact Billet Heater
Compact Billet Heater

As the front runner in mechatronics age, MES meets the highly sophisticated demand in the industrial information society by supplying software-hardware integrated mechatronics system, controlling information/communication system and controlling system.
In the field of power electronics, MES is supplying induction heating equipment as a clean heat source, other various heat treatment equipment and continuous galvanizing equipment for steel processing. MES is contributing to the improvement of productivity, by such advanced equipment.

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features

We are ready to offer to our clients wide range technology of soft-hardware
comprehensive engineering and various know-how.

  • Induction Heaters (Bar Heater, Billet Heater, Pin Heater, etc.)
  • High Frequency Heat Source Equipment
  • Heat Treatment Equipment (Steel Pipe Annealing Equipment, Tempering Equipment)
  • Electromagnetic Processing applied Equipment (Electromagnetic Mixing, Electromagnetic Mold, Cold Crucible, etc.)

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