Gas Turbine Co-Generation System

General Outline

The best selling co-generation package of 1 MW class gas turbine in Japan.

High Efficiency Gas Turbine Co-generation System "GP1000"
High Efficiency Gas Turbine Co-generation System"GP1000"

MES positively develops its sales activities for Gas Turbine Co-generation System to be used for DHP(District Heat and Power) as the main target and also for various factories.
GP1000 and MPP1000 are the MES's best seller co-generation packages based on SB5 type gas turbine, which was developed by MES. Mitsui-Solar MSC series is a high efficiency co-generation system adopting gas turbine of Solar Turbines International Company of U.S.A.

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features

[GP 1000/MPP 1000]

  • Electricity generation efficiency is 25% and total thermal efficiency 73%,
    which is the best efficiency among this class co-generation systems.
  • High capacity with the output at the generation side end of 1 MW and steam supply of 3 tons per hour
  • Satisfies severe environmental regulations for Central Tokyo
    (with the provision of own developed low NOx incinerator of Super Premix type and exhaust gas boiler combined with inside denitiration system)
  • Compact design which enables installation in narrow space
  • Selection between municipal gas burning type GP 1000 and liquid fuel burning type MPP 1000 is possible

[Mitsui-Solar MSC Series]

  • More than 70-80% total thermal efficiency, by the adoption of 3-13MW class Solar's gas turbine
  • Highly completed system by the combination of Solar's gas turbine and MES's co-generation technology
Delivery Records
More than 50 SB5 co-generation units for the facilities, which consumes a lot of energy, such as various
kinds of factory, laboratories, hospitals, etc.
Over 100 units of gas turbine are delivered by MES including SB5.

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