Top Pressure Recovery Turbine (TRT) Generating System

General Outline

 We have delivered more than 70 units to various major steel mills in the world.

Top Pressure Recovery Turbine Generating System
Top Pressure Recovery Turbine Generating System

This is a generating system utilizing the exhaust pressure and heat from the blast furnace of steel mill as its energy source.
In this system, the blast furnace gas produced during iron smelting process is utilized to generate electricity by going through the TRT.
Without TRT power generation system, the blast furnace gas will be treated by various processes to decrease its pressure and temperature.
The electricity generated by this system covers about 40 % of electricity necessary for all equipment attached to the blast furnace including air blowers.
This energy recovery turbine developed by MES is highly appraised as an epoque-making technology for saving energy and about 70 sets of this generating system including the world largest output of 40MW are installed at the major steel mills of the world.

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features
  • Developed and manufactured by MES
  • Axial flow turbine with reaction blades is adopted.
  • Axis direction flow by cylindrical loop diffuser of high performance is adopted.
  • Adaptable both to dry gas and wet gas.
  • High energy recovery rate by all-stage variable stationary blades system

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