Energy Systems
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Energy Systems

Marine Diesel Engine
Large diesel engine for ships with the world top production record and technology
Diesel Generating Plant
MES offers generating systems driven by slow speed Mitsui-MAN B&W diesel engines
Gas Turbine Co-Generation System
High efficiency co-generation system for DHP(District Heat and Power) and various factories
Steam Turbine Generating System
Steam turbine for power generation, which has a higher efficiency , are compact and arranged in series
Process Compressors
Manufacturing of process compressor for blast furnace, oil refinery and petrochemical plants
Top Pressure Recovery Turbine (TRT) Generating System
The epoque-making generating system utilizing the blast furnace of steel mill as its energy source
Pressure Vessels
Fabrication of pressure vessels for various plants
Steam Tube Dryer(STD)
Indirect heat rotating dryer using steam tubes disposed inside the rotating shell as the heat source.