General Outline

Operational and maintenance support system for marine diesel engine by means of internet.

System outline of e-GICS
System outline of e-GICS


In November, 2004, MES TECHNOSERVICE CO.,LTD launched the Internet based 'e-GICS', an engine performance and maintenance diagnosis service system for Mitsui-MAN B&W diesel engine users. The e-GICS system offers the following features: diagnosis for engine performance and the remaining life cycle of major engine parts and components; inquiry function for Q&A; browsing function for technical information and/or documents from the website. From September, 2006, the PMS(Planned Maintenance System) function, the Data management function for various oils (F.O. and L.O.; System Oil) and the Data management function of Parts ID Nos., in conformity with IMO NOx regulation, were added as optional functions. Further, by coordinating data of MES-EPOCH (Marine Diesel Engine Cylinder Pressure Analyzer) released since July, 2006, combustion diagnosis service was launched in February, 2012.

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features

Auto response & 24 hours, 365 days service: Customer can see the diagnosis result within five minutes after registering data to e-GICS. In case of abnormal result, MES engineers diagnose the result in detail. Management in real time and uniform management of engine data: Firm communication between our customer and our engineer using Q&A system, consolidation of information and offering search/browsing services of technical information on the web-site can reduce data management work on our customer's part. MES-EPOCH: it is an electronic cylinder indication pressure analyzer and system which can upload measurement data into a portable computer and measure engine output and make a graph of cylinder pressure. The coordination function of data with e-GICS which can computerize the measurement data allows for smooth and easy transfer of data analysis between ships and ship managers. Combustion diagnosis system can solve the problem by analysing pressure data of compression, combustion & expansion taken by MES-EPOCH.

Delivery Records
The number of the e-GICS members (as of March, 2013)
The e-GICS members: 162 companies
the number of registered vessels: 2,573

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