Inorganic Chemical Plants

General Outline

We will take care of basic design, material procurement, construction and performance guarantee as a package.

Sulfuric Plant
Sulfuric Plant

Fertilizer Plant
Fertilizer Plant

MES has been replying to the wide demand of customers in the field of construction of inorganic chemistry plants, such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, fertilizer, nitric acid, exhaust gas denitration, etc. for many years.
MES tenders the latest technology, products and process in the field of inorganic chemical plants through its constant improvement and innovation.

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features
  • Special organization for inorganic chemistry takes charge of consistent job from initial
    design, procurement, construction and guarantee of performance.
  • MES takes charge of the guarantee of plant and its process performance, although
    basic technology is licensed.
Delivery Records

List of delivery records will be sent to you at your request.

Please contact:

Plant Sales Dept.
Engineering Hq.