PL-Type Patrol vessel

General Outline

System to enable automatic position keeping in the ocean without anchoring etc.

High-Speed Ship1
High-Speed Ship1

High-Speed Ship2
High-Speed Ship2

MES puts various vessels into practical use such as Supermaran SSC(Semi-Saubmerged Catamaran) and Hovercrafts, responding to the expectation to the advanced marine transportation systems.
MES has delivered many vessels which are more comfortable and more faster, and has earned a great reputation and reliance to the performance of the engineering and shipbuilding technology progressed by many results.

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features
  • MES makes the best of designing a comfortable ride, an excellent seakeeping quality, a safety and superb stability.
Delivery Records
□ SSC(Semi-Saubmerged Catamaran)
High-Speed Passenger Craft "Seagull 2", owned by Tokai Kisen Co.,Ltd.
High-Speed Passenger Craft "Cosmos", owned by Navix Technotrade Co.,Ltd.
□ MES Supermaran
High-Speed Passenger Craft "Neptune", jointly owned by Tokushima Kousokusen Co.,Ltd. and Nankai Ferry Co.,Ltd.
High-Speed Passenger Craft "Argo", owned by Nankai Ferry Co.,Ltd.
□ Mitsui Hovercraft
"Dream Sapphire" owned by Oita Hover Ferry Co.,Ltd.

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