FineBallast® MF/Ballast Water Management System

General Outline

FineBallast® MF is the Ballast Water Management System that meets the IMO performance standards (D-2) regulation provided by the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ship's Ballast Water and Sediments.

FineBallast® MF (MF-80)

FineBallast® MF Catalog
FineBallast® MF Brochure

Harmful aquatic organisms and pathogens in the intake ballasting water are removed by passing through the MF membrane. The FineBallast MF system does not use any active substances in filtration process. The procedure for approval of ballast water management system that makes use of active substances (G9) is exempted by IMO.


  • The ballast water is filtered both ballasting and de-ballasting operation.
  • The system doesn't use active substances in filtration process.
  • After filtration, MF membranes are washed by using Hydrogen Peroxide.


  • For Both seawater and brackish water.
  • Friendly to the environment, no active substances.
  • The system enables De-ballasting operation just after ballasting.

Treatment Flow

Example System Layout

Supplemental information is reported as follows:
1. Certificate of Ballast Water Management System
2. Brochure of FineBallast MF

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