Zeolite Membrane (*PV / VP Separation)

General Outline

Pervaporization technology first commercially realized in Japan

Ethanol Dehydration System
Ethanol Dehydration System

Zeolite Membrane Module
Zeolite Membrane Module

MES succeeded in putting the Zeolite Membrane into practical use in 1995. The module for the dehydrating process from the organic solvent was completed by MES as the first commercial Unit of the Zeolite Membrane in 1998. Since then, MES has installed many industrial scale of Zeolite Membrane Unit for dehydration of various solvent, such as EtOH, IPA, Acetone, and ester, etc.
PV (Pervaporation)/VP (Vapor Permeation) is an attractive means as an effective and energy-conserving technique for dehydration of water/organic mixtures. The Zeolite Membrane offers significant potential for PV agent with high chemical and thermal stability. In order to purify washing solvent such as IPA from cleaning process in precision machinery and/or electronics industries, and to dehydrate ethanol used in bio-ethanol, food, chemical and/or pharmaceutical industry, PV/VP technology using the Zeolite Membrane can be used efficiently.
(*)Zeolite Membrane
Zeolite membrane is a separation membrane which can dehydrate and refine water contained organic solvent. The module of this zeolite membrane is made of tubular ceramics whose surface is coated with hydrophilic zeolite crystal with pores of below nano-level, and has an excellent performance in heat resistance and chemical resistance.

Main Features & Delivery Records

Main Features
  • Eco-friendly by refining and recycling of solvent
  • Energy conservation with automatic running system
  • Safety feature
  • Cost-efficient by using long-life ceramic membrane tube
Delivery Records
  • For Lens/ Electronic Parts Production Company: IPA Re-fining System
  • For Chemical/ Medicine/ Food Production Company: Ethanol, IPA, and Acetone Dehydration System
  • For Biomass Ethanol Production Company: Ethanol Dehydration System

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