Ship & Ocean Projects
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Ship and Ocean Projects

LNG Carrier
LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) Tankers
Bulk Carrier
Cargo Ship to carry grain, ore, coal, lumber, etc
Oil Tanker
Oil Tankers
Floating production, storage and offloading facility for crude oil drilled from subsea oil field
10,000m class Remotely Operated Vehicle Kaiko
Full depth ROV for search/observation of deep sea
Underwater TV Vehicle(ROV/AUV)
Underwater inspection and environment mearsurement at various operation depth
Autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) for survey submarine cable
Newest destroyer equipped with anti-aircraft missile, etc.
PL-type Patrol vessel
Large size patrol boat to the Japan Coast Guard to defend Japanese sea area
Ship Handling Simulator
Full-mission navigation simulator equipped with onboard navigation simulator for the first time in the world
Dynamic Positioning System
System to enable automatic position keeping in the ocean without anchoring etc.
High-Speed vessel
Wide variety of high-speed vessels with enhanced seaworthiness, safety and maneuverability is commercialized and offered by MES
Ballast water management systems
Information on the Type Approval of FineBallast(r) OZ (Special Pipe Hybrid BallastWater Management System Combined with Ozone Treatment Version)
FineBallast® MF Ballast water management system
Information on the Type Approval of FineBallast(r) MF