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  • After-sales Service for Container Cranes
We deliver services throughout the entire life cycle of the product as the world wide partner of container terminals.
MES has delivered, under license of PACECO Ltd. of USA, more than 400 quayside container handling gantry cranes and more than 1500 container yard cranes. In addition, more than 300 cranes have been delivered for various industrial purposes. In recent years, due to an increase in the number of Panamax / Post panamax container ships and container handling volumes, there has been strong demand for upgrading the size, speed and functions of both container and yard cranes.
Accordingly, we are to cope with the growth in the development of port containerization and the number of large container ships, relocating and refurbishing existing cranes on the basis of more than 50 years of experience with the design and fabrication of new cranes and our knowledge of and experience with their maintenance, repair and modification.

Cranes Covered

Mitsui-Paceco crane
  • Portainer (Container crane, Quay crane and Gantry crane)
  • Transtainer (Yard crane)
  • Shipstainer (Ship board multi purpose crane)
  • Catenary unloader (Bucket type continuous bulk cargo unloader)
Industry use
  • Unloader Loader
  • Level luffing crane
  • Goliath crane
  • Gantry crane
  • Steel mill crane
  • Overhead crane
  • Jib crane


  • Parts supply
    mechanical parts, electrical/control parts, spreaders and lifting equipment
  • Inspection
    routine inspection and on-demand inspection
  • Repair
    dispatch of engineers for trouble shooting and emergency repair, and repair on structural inspection result basis
  • Diagnosis
    electrical/control parts, mechanical parts and expectancy remaining life of structural component
  • Refurbishment
    electrical parts such as PLC, inverter, etc. and mechanical parts such as gear reducer, lifting equipment, etc.
  • Up-grading
    performance improvement such as increasing speed, lifting capacity, etc., additional function such as trouble diagnosis system, etc. and modernization
  • Relocation
    including sales of used cranes


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