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  • Maintenance & Repair
We have many engineers and skilled supervisors at our service center who have more than 10 to 20 years experience with crane maintenance, repair and modification, enabling us provide the Maintenance & Repair and parts supply services needed to improve crane operation efficiency.


  • Parts supply
  • Maintenance
    ・Daily maintenance
    ・Periodic maintenance (monthly, trimonthly and yearly)
    ・Maintenance that may be needed to meet government survey requirements
  • Supervision service
  • Repair and modification service
  • Consultant service
    ・Crane inspection and advisory service
  • Safety
    Limit switch monitoring system
    To prevent trouble caused by limit switch malfunctions during trolley traversing and/or boom hoisting, we have developed a limit switch monitoring system. This system consists of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and additional one limit switch. The PLC continuously monitors the status of all limit switch pairs.If a fault is found, the PLC sends a stop signal to the controller and generates an alarm for the operator.
    Anti-collision device
    This device was developed to prevent a collision of mutual cranes by the infrared sensor, electromagnetic waves, supersonic waves or laser sensor.


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