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Monitoring System

  • Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis System
    MES's monitoring and fault diagnosis system helps identify equipment problems quickly, thereby reducing crane down time and associated maintenance costs.
  • Information Management Monitoring System
    Information in the form of crane operation and container handling data is available in real time, facilitating more efficient operations. (If the analog electric control system is replaced by a digital one, it is very easy to install the above monitoring systems.)

Improvement and Modification of Facilities and Equipment

  • Elevator (Lift)
    If an elevator is installed to an existing crane, it helps operators and maintenance staff to get up and down crane, improving the working environment and increasing efficiency.
  • Diesel Engine Generating Set
    If you are unfortunately subject to power shortages or break downs, we recommend that you install a containerized diesel engine in-house power generator set, to increase the crane operation rates.
  • Spreader
    A full range of Mitsui-Paceco telescopic spreaders is available to meet all container sizes being handled today. Our telescopic spreader is designed to provide excellent performance and reliability, while easy to maintain and repair. We are also able provide light weight telescopic spreaders to meet all container sizes.
  • Relocation of Used-cranes
    Many existing container cranes are now being replaced with new-type or large-scale cranes in order to adapt to large container ships.
    In the following cases, please consider the introduction of a used container crane or yard crane:
    (1) You want to mechanize your port operations, but the container volume is relatively low, and it is not efficient to purchase a highly-priced new crane from investment point of view.
    (2) The container volume is increasing rapidly and your existing cranes are unable to keep up with the increase, but you cannot wait for more than 1 year for a new crane to be installed.
    • ・FULL TURN KEY BASE - Providing all products and services from planning to installation and commissioning.
    • ・Rechecking strength of all parts, to transfer the crane without dismantling on special ship.
    • ・Inspection and Report of the crane, components and main parts in accordance with our check lists (Optional)
    • ・Provision of inspction, maintenance and partsreplacement after relocation. (Optional)
    • ・Education and training for crane operators and maintenance staff. (Optional)
    • ・Modification of the rail span. (Optional)
    • ・Change of electrical voltage and cycle. (Optional)


  • Full maintenance
    We have many proposals of devices and modification to reduce maintenance costs, to facilitate operations and to improve container handling. If you need more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Full maintenance


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