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This is a total package system to realize smooth management of container terminal.
CTMS is a total system package for container terminals. With the industry knowledge and expertise in terminal management, Mitsui E&S Co., Ltd. (MES) has been contributing to major terminal operators since 1973.
MES could deliver flexible, easy-to-use and reliable systems whenever you need. CTMS consists of the following sub-systems: YPCS (Container data management, documentation, etc.), YP (Yard plan with GUI), VP (Ship stowage plan, etc. with GUI), YOCS (Container handling equipment management, work instruction transmission, etc.).
MES could also supply IGS (Integrated gate system) and CTSS (Container terminal simulation system).

Main Features

  • The most optimal system is available by configuring sub-systems and modules to match any scale of container terminal.
  • YPCS(Host System)
    YP(Yard Planning):streamline planning job
    VP(Vessel Planning): streamline planning job
    YO(Yard Operation): incl. Mobile Data Terminal, GPS
    IGS(Integrated Gate System): Kiosk,Smartphone,
    RFID, OCR, etc.
    WEB(Information Reference System)
    TO(Truck Operation System)
  • We delivered CTMS for First Automated Container Terminal in Japan.
  • We have also many references in foreign container terminals.

Delivery Records

Japan: Tomakomai Port, Tokyo Port, Yokohama Port, Chiba Port, Shimizu Port, Nagoya Port, Osaka Port, Kobe Port, Mizushima Port, Hakata Port, Public Authorities, Training Center, Trucker, etc.
Overseas: USA, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, China, Australia, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan

  • Integrated Gate System

    Integrated Gate System

  • Yard Planning

    Yard Planning

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Inquiries about after-sales service

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