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  • Docking system for aircraft maintenance with moving scaffold

    Docking system for aircraft maintenance with moving scaffold

Aircraft docking system applicable for different models aircraft
In 2010, All Nippon Airways additionally established the Tokyo New #2 Aircraft Maintenance Hangar for their main model B777 and newly introduced B787 in Haneda aircraft maintenance area. It is wide enough to store 3 large size aircrafts at the same time, and arranged with several specialized equipment for maintenance. We supplied design, procurement, and installation work at site for docking system for aircraft maintenance, which was a main equipment of this hangar.

Main Features

  • Docking system for aircraft maintenance is a kind of steel structure with moving scaffold. It is constructed with following steel structures.
    ・Scaffold hanging from roof for covering aircraft nose, body, and vertical stabilizer
    ・Scaffold standing on floor for covering main wing, and horizontal stabilizer
    ・Scaffold standing and self-moving on floor for covering engine part
  • It is different from the previous type of docking system only for single aircraft model, and it has the aircraft docking system applicable for different models of aircraft such as B777 and newly introduced B787.
  • Each scaffolds are equipped with travelling system, lifting system, travelling and lifting deck, slide deck, light capacity lift and lifting device. It made possible to adjust precisely the gap between aircraft and each maintenance decks and made the gap minimum, which realized safe enough maintenance work.
  • We had a meeting with customer's maintenance staff during design stage to reflect their opinions and requests to our design and manufacturing, which resulted in convenient and efficient docking system with safety and security.

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