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Privacy Policy

In recognition of the importance of protection of privacy information in the highly advanced information and communication society, we MITSUI E&S Group is committed to the protection of privacy information by establishing the following guidelines:

1.Collection of Privacy Information

We collect privacy information only through lawful and fair means.

2.Use of Collected Privacy Information

Collected privacy information is used only for the purpose stated to each individuals who provided it at the time of collection and only to the extent necessary for carrying out our business.
In case of sharing the collected privacy information with a third party or entrusting the handling of privacy information to a third party, we make strict investigation on such third party beforehand, and undertake appropriate supervision in order to let such third party keep confidentiality.

3.Disclosure of Privacy Information to a Third Party

Collected privacy information shall not be disclosed to any third party without prior consent of each individual who provided it except for the case that such disclosure is required by law.

4.Security of Collected Privacy Information

We maintain the accuracy of collected privacy information and protect it intact and safe.
Appropriate safeguards for unauthorized access, computer virus and alike are also taken as the preventive measures against the loss, destruction, falsifying, divulgence etc. of collected privacy information.
We never divulge the collected privacy information by bringing it out or sending it outside.

5.Disclosure, Correction, Suspension of Use and Deletion of Collected Privacy Information

Recognizing that each individual has the right to seek disclosure, correction, suspension of use and deletion of the privacy information collected by us, if the individual requires any of such, we will comply with it without objection.
Please feel free to contact Privacy Information Protection Office if you have any question on handling of personal information.

Privacy Information Protection Office


We have appointed Director for Protection of Privacy Information (Chief Privacy Officer) and the in-charge persons, together with establishing Privacy Information Protection Committee for proper protection of the collected privacy information.
In addition, training program is provided to all directors and employees in order to make them implement privacy information protection measures in a daily business in a thorough manner.

7.Compliance Program for the privacy information

In order to implement this Privacy Policy, we adopted Privacy Information Compliance Program, consisting mainly of this Privacy Policy, Regulation for Privacy Information Protection and other relevant rules and regulations. We will have our directors, employees and other concerned persons/parties familiarize with this Compliance Program so that our privacy policy is unwaveringly and continuously implemented, maintained, and continuously improved.

April 1, 2023
MITSUI E&S Co., Ltd.

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