Mid-term Business Plan 2017IR・Company Information

The Mid-Term Business Plan 2017 will be followed by the Mid-Term Business Plan 2020 and the Mid-Term Business Plan 2023. This series of our medium-term business plans constitute a long-term strategy for achieving our 2025 Vision.
Under the vision of "Maximize MES Group strengths collectively to improve profitability and stabilize earnings," we will make best use of the MES Group's network and resources, in our efforts to achieve stable earnings and improve our corporate value.

Our Ideal Future by 2020
(Year ending March 31, 2020)

Maximize MES Group strengths collectively to improve profitability and stabilize earnings

Key strategy 1

Improving added value of products & services


Key strategy 2

Reforming structure of manufacturing & EPC

Cost competitiveness

Key strategy 3

Expanding & enhancing ancillary services

Stabilized earnings

Robust group management

Reinforced business foundation

Key strategy 1Improving added value of products & services

Improving our planning ability and capability of making proposals
  • ○ Formulating a strategy for creating value for society based on the three domains
  • ○ Increasing our competitiveness in the service domain by strengthening intra-group cooperation and alliances with other companies
Improving our product development capability
  • ○ Enhancing technology and product development in view of the future market (energy-saving/ labor-saving/ environmental performance)
  • ○ Strengthening technologies for increasing the competitiveness of our core products

Key strategy 2Reforming structure of manufacturing & EPC

Building a dynamic, flexible production system
  • ○ Enhancing the system for production in optimal overseas locations/building a global production base
  • ○ Improving the productivity of domestic bases by applying IoT and robotics
Establishing a system for flexible EPC
  • ○ Promoting collaboration within the Group in the field of ocean business
  • ○ Strengthening cooperation within the Group in the field of renewable energy/gas power generation

Key strategy 3Expanding & enhancing ancillary services

Enhancing domains and areas of services we provide
  • ○ Enhancing after-sales services
  • ○ Expanding FPSO charter business, power generation business, and other businesses that result in constant profits based on medium- or long-term contracts
Evolving services by applying IoT
  • ○ Enhancing maintenance and services based on remote monitoring
  • ○ Provision of preventive maintenance services (remaining life assessment and suggestion of optimal maintenance)

Robust group management

Organization and human resources
○ Strategic use of Group companies (clarifying the positions of operating companies and subsidiaries)
○ Effective utilization of human resources in the Group (increasing the mobility of human resources)
Financial affairs
○ Maximizing consolidated earnings of the Group

Reinforced business foundation

Common strategies
○ Improving the risk management capability (elimination of excessive loss)
○ Selection and concentration of businesses based on growth potential and investment effect
Organization and human resources
○ Building and implementing a human resources rotation program (other departments/ subsidiaries)

Numerical targets

Net sales
¥920 billion
Ordinary income
¥37 billion
Ordinary income rate
Interest-bearing debt
¥270 billion or less

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