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  • After-sales Services for Diesel Engines
  • After-sales Services for Diesel Engines
  • After-sales Services for Diesel Engines
Mitsui E&S provides high-quality after-sales services based on its extensive track record, experience and accumulated data.
Since the Mitsui E&S Group concluded a technical licensing agreement with Burmeister & Wain A/S based in Denmark (B&W) in 1926 we have produced a large number of diesel engines under the Mitsui-MAN-B&W brand, becoming the world's leading manufacturer. We leverage our accumulated expertise to provide quick, high quality technical services. We also utilize our advantages from producing gas injection (GI) and liquid gas injection (LGI) engines and superchargers equipped with turbo hydraulic systems (THS) to provide the highest level of services at all times, including our parts supply services with short delivery lead times based on a system that is prepared for anything and keeps ample parts in stock.


  • We provide inspection and maintenance services, parts replacement services and emergency troubleshooting services.
    We send engineers to perform quick and reliable inspections and maintenance, the appropriate replacement of parts and emergency troubleshooting services to guarantee safety and peace of mind in ship operations.
  • We provide solutions that reduce environmental impact and energy consumption.
    To fulfill customers' compliance needs as new emission regulations such as the Tier III standards are enacted to address environmental issues, we actively propose solutions maximizing the latest technological developments.
  • Supporting customers globally through our excellent overseas network.
    Mitsui E&S group engages in extensive service activities including regular inspections of products delivered to customers, the replacement of parts and technical support in Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shanghai and other locations outside Japan.


General Terms & Conditions

The following Standard General Terms & Conditions apply to transactions with Technoservice Center Marine Propulsion Systems Div. Mitsui E&S Co., Ltd. The Standard General Terms & Conditions can be downloaded below.

e-GICS Advance Software License Agreement & EULA(End User License Agreement)

By using the communication institution and external equipment with e-GICS Advance, we are developing services such as holding main data of the main engine and performance diagnosis using these data, and we will make efforts to improve software development and services. We have created a "Software License Agreement" that summarizes the points to note when using the e-GICS Advance provided by us. The licensor has also created an "EULA (End User License Agreement)" with the same purpose. To use e-GICS Advance, you must agree to this Agreement and EULA.


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